The Places of Sense Chronicles

Heritage places connect us to shared memory, culture, and identity – they shape us in ways unimaginable. The Place of Sense Chronicles are the stories of the communities searching for ways to preserve their past while planning their futures.

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Ben Halpern and I

I’ve known Ben Halpern for many years.  It was not until very recently, however, that he came to know me.  It was last year October, on a chilly, early autumn day that I received an unexpected phone call from him — he was reaching out to me on an architectural photography project he was working … Continue reading Ben Halpern and I

Introducing the Chronicles

Historic places provide the windows and the visual reminders to our collective past.  They provide us identity, as well as comfort and reassurance, especially in vulnerable and unfamiliar times.  As is often said, historic buildings and communities offer a sense of place — perhaps an emotional connection that is difficult to describe, or a feeling … Continue reading Introducing the Chronicles

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